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Daniel Murphy | NY | 2017-06-08

In 1995 I toured the Porsche factory in Stuttgart. I was 15 years old. I had the dream of one day owning a 911, but never really believed it would happen. That dirty keychain right there was purchased at the factory as a good luck charm of sorts. The hope was to connect it to the real deal. It took 22 years, but I did it. Thank you Euroclassics!


Jason Riley | Indiana | 2017-07-08

Love at first drive! In the market for a new car, I knew I wanted a convertible. I had been youtubing a number of cars, but couldn't decide on what could check every box on my list, something practical, fast, exotic, and a sound that got my blood pumping. I stopped my local Porsche dealership in Indianapolis and drove a 911 4S and instantly fell in love. Instead of buying right then and there, I went home and built one online in hopes that I could find it somewhere in the US. Insert Euroclassics! A gently used 911 4s with everything I wanted and a few things I didn't know I wanted. I called Euroclassics on Monday and spoke with Drew Hardiman. Not only was Drew personable, knowledgeable and not pushy, his passion for Porsche resonated in every conversation. He was timely and honest with his responses. Given his over 8 years Porsche service experience, every question I had was answered and he even shared some maintenance tidbits that would help keep the car out trouble. 90% of our conversation were via phone and email and I never felt uncomfortable about buying a car I had only seen via pics on the internet. Once, we decided on purchasing the car, Drew handed the reins over to the Finance Manager, Kari Schwear, who couldn't have been any more close to perfect throughout the process. Kari worked hard to explain all items needed upon delivery and even more tirelessly to get me the best rate possible. She and Drew explained the different warranty packages (which I highly recommend purchasing) and all the necessary documents needed for my state of residence. She is a Porsche enthusiast true and through and a very kind soul. I highly recommend Euroclassics even if you live across the country. The dealership, the service, the insight, the kindness, the conversation, and the all around experience was the way car buying should be. Hats off to Drew Hardiman and Kari Schwear for helping to make me a Porsche guy. Thank you for making it a "DOPE" experience rather than just another transaction!

Bruce Russell | Virginia | 2017-05-09

In my opinion, I feel that Euroclassics is a "world-class" Porsche dealer and we are very lucky to have them located here in the Richmond metro area. Their customer service in Sales, Service and parts is excellent. It is a pleasure to do business with Euroclassics.

Randolph Bell | VA | 2017-05-11

I have a longstanding and strong relationship with Euroclassics surrounding my Boxster Spyder. Sales searched the country far and wide to find it for me. Service does a steady job on it and tolerates my many driving foibles. The Euroclassics team has been a solid partner for my friends and me in PCA. They do everything possible to bring the best and most exciting Porsches to Richmond, sustain them, and sustain our wonderful marque.

David Perkins | VA | 2017-05-04

I purchased a used car from Euroclassics. Without a doubt, this was the best car purchase experience I have ever had. We've all had the sleazy car salesman experience, this was the exact opposite. From my sales person (Drew) to the finance manager (Kari), both were polite, proactive, helpful, honest, and timely. I had recently purchased a car from a dealer where I dreaded needing something from them because the responsibility would get pushed back to me or I would get the feeling I was bothering them. Or they would tell me anything to get the sale. Not with anyone I dealt with at Euroclassics. Thank you Drew and Kari, you all are class acts.

Richard Medlin | VA | 2017-05-04

I bought my Porsche in May of 2016. Justin was a great salesman. He answered all my questions, and made the process very simple. Justin was great and was not pushy at all, he took the time to explain everything to me. This is my first Porsche and because of my experience with this dealership over the last year, it will be one of many more to come. I've bought several cars and the process was always painful.....not with Euroclassic. No hidden anything! Great Dealership!

Charlie Mattax | VA | 2016-05-27

We just got back from a day trip around the Farmville area back roads in the 2010 911 Convertible that we just bought from Euroclassics yesterday and it was a blast.  I could not end it without thanking them for doing what they could to get together with us on the car. The last convertible that I owned I purchased from them in 2004. Since this will be my last Porsche it only seems fitting that I buy it from them also.  The car is as close to perfect as it gets and I am sure that Linda and I will enjoy it for many years.

I also can not let it pass without mentioning what an outstanding salesman and person Brian Falkner is.  As much as the deal they put together, his personality and attitude convinced us that we were buying the right car for us.  He was patient and always helpful. You have an outstanding employee there. Thanks again.

Evan Lamont Curbeam | VA | 2017-01-23

The most patient automobile dealership I've ever worked with. It took me ten years to finally make a decision and purchase a vehicle from Euroclassics. They were professional in every way possible and always responded to my questions about a car. After 20+ test drives I finally purchased a 911 from Euroclassics. I couldn't be more happy with the purchase. Chris R. and John P. are great salesmen.

Bob Wilton | VA | 2016-01-05

Euroclassics has a great facility and they were truly a pleasure to deal with. My sales guy was prompt to my needs and they sold me the exact car I was looking for. I could not be happier, I would recommend them to anyone.

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